Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Setting up a custom application and other basic setups in 11i/R12

Creating a Custom Application in Applications 11i

Custom Applications are required if you are creating new forms, reports, etc.
This allows you to segregate your custom written files from the standard seeded functionality that Oracle Applications provide. Customizations can therefore be preserved when applying patches or upgrades to your environment.

1) Make the directory structure for your custom application files.

2) Add the custom module into the environment

3) Create new tablespace for database objects

4) Create schema

5) Register your Oracle Schema. Login to Applications with System Administrator responsibility Navigate to Application-->Register Application = MZ Custom Short Name = MZ Basepath = MZ_TOP Description = MZ Custom Application

6) Register Oracle User Naviate to Security-->Oracle-->Register Database User Name = MZ Password = MZ Privilege = Enabled Install Group = 0 Description = MZ Custom Application User

7) Add Application to a Data Group Navigate to Security-->Oracle-->DataGroup Data Group = MZGroup Description = MZ Custom Data Group Click on "Copy Applications from" and pick Standard data Group, then add the following entry. Application = MZ Custom Oracle ID = APPS Description = MZ Custom Application

8) Create custom request group This will act as a placeholder for any custom reports we wish to make available for the Custom Responsibility (which is defined at a later stage) Navigate to Security-->responsbility-->Request Group = MZ Request Group Application = MZ Custom Code = MZ Description = MZ Custom Requests We will not define any requests to add to the group at this stage, but you can add some now if required.

9) Create custom menu This will act as a placeholder for any menu items we wish to make available for the Custom Responsibility (which is defined at a later stage) We will create two menus, one for Core Applications and one for Self Service.

10) Create new responsibility. One for Core Applications and One for Self Service (SSWA)

11) Add responsibility to user Navigate to Security-->User-->Define Add MZ Custom responsibility to users as required.

12) Other considerations You are now ready to create your database Objects, custom Reports, Forms, Packages, etc Create the source code files in the MZ_TOP directory appropriate for the type of object. For example forms would be located in $MZ_TOP/forms/US or package source code in $MZ_TOP/admin/sql for example.

Database Objects, such as tables, indexes and sequences should be created in the MZ schema, then you need to
a) Grant all privilege from each custom data object to the APPS schema. For example : logged in as MZ user grant all privileges on myTable to apps;
b) Create a synonym in APPS for each custom data object For example : logged in as APPS user create synonym myTable for mz.myTable;
Other database objects, such as views and packages should be created directly in the APPS schema

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