Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Comparing OAF and ADF

We will compare OAF and ADF in the post.

Similarities between OAF and ADF
Let us see the similarities between them. This will make OAF guys easier to understand ADF.
  • The Model layer (considering MVC) of ADF is quite similar to ADF. It has same concepts on EO, VO, VL and AM
  • Both uses JDeveloper as a development tool. However there is a basic difference here. OAF uses special JDeveloper versions created for an Oracle Applications release level whereas ADF uses more generic JDeveloper tool based on the Fusion Middleware release level.
Differences between ADF and OAF
  • OAF is tightly tied to Oracle Applications and can't be used standalone. ADF is independent of Oracle Applications and runs on Fusion Middleware WebLogic server.
  • The View and Controller layer of OAF is more JSP based whereas ADF uses ADF components for its view and controller layer. The ADF View and Controller components are extension of JSF components.
  • Security in OAF is implicitly handled by Oracle Applications, however security for ADF pages needs to be configured.
  • ADF needs more latest versions of browsers



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